Innovation Meets Scale: Chimoney Forges An Impactful Partnership With Corpay
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Innovation Meets Scale: Chimoney Forges An Impactful Partnership With Corpay

Faheed A.B.


Welcome to the next chapter of Chimoney's journey! We're excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration that's set to redefine the landscape of global payouts. Chimoney has partnered with Corpay, a FLEETCOR® brand and global leader in business payments.

Exploring the Partnership:

At Chimoney, we've always been on a mission to connect payment systems worldwide. This partnership with Corpay amplifies that mission. Imagine a world where all cross-border transactions are as easy as sending an email or text message. Bringing that level of ease to everyone is what this collaboration is all about.

Benefits for Chimoney Users:

Through this partnership, Chimoney users will enjoy:

Those are just a few of the immediate benefits this partnership will bring to our users, more impactful improvements are being worked on as we speak. Watch this space!

Insights from the Partnership:

“Corpay is very pleased to announce our commercial partnership with Chimoney. I have no doubt that Chimoney’s customer base can benefit greatly from our specialized service and access to our comprehensive cross-border payments and currency risk management solutions.” said Frank Mannarino, Vice President and head of Channels and alliances, at Corpay Cross-Border Solutions. “The team at Corpay is excited to build long-term business partnerships with customers and power their international payments, help them execute their plans to manage their currency risk, and support their growth internationally.”

For us at Chimoney, this collaboration is more than just a business partnership; it's a commitment to supporting the growth of of clients on an international scale.

Our vision at Chimoney is clear: To connect all payment networks globally, enabling people everywhere to get paid with minimal complexity. This partnership ensures compliance with local regulations and leverages Corpay's expertise to manage foreign exchange risks, reducing complexities for our users and corporate clients.

Our Founder and CEO, Uchi Uchibeke also expressed his enthusiasm at what the partnership can bring, saying: “This collaboration with Corpay amplifies our vision of creating seamless access to more payout options and countries. With Corpay’s expertise and platform, we are poised to offer our customers access to a more expansive and efficient payout ecosystem. This is not just a partnership; it’s a synergy where innovation meets scale. For businesses and partners, it’s clear: Chimoney is setting new standards in fintech, constantly pushing boundaries, and striving for excellence".

Our Final Thoughts:

This collaboration is a significant step in alignment with our commitment to financial inclusion, economic empowerment, and a frictionless payout experience. We're not just partnering with Corpay; we're creating a synergy where innovation meets scale for the greater good of the world.

Let's work Together

The Chimoney team is ever ready to keep innovating and shaping the future of global payouts. Book a demo with us now to see how we can help facilitate seamless payments for your business!

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