Chimoney Partners with ISIC to Expand Global Benefits for Chimoney App Users
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Chimoney Partners with ISIC to Expand Global Benefits for Chimoney App Users

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Ever wished your existing community memberships could do more? Imagine having access to exclusive benefits, discounts, and exciting opportunities – all through the power of your current affiliation!

That's the vision behind Chimoney App; we've built it with the aim of empowering communities and their members.

Today, we're thrilled to announce our partnership with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC)! The first community to be listed on the Chimoney App. ISIC is a vibrant network spanning over 130 countries, offering incredible benefits to students worldwide. This collaboration represents a giant leap forward, giving Chimoney App users a unique opportunity to leverage this established network.

About ISIC

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is globally recognized as proof of student status and offers access to over 150,000 discounts and benefits. These benefits include discounts on transportation, accommodations, entertainment, and more, making ISIC an invaluable resource for students worldwide.

Chimoney x ISIC Partnership Benefits

Our partnership with ISIC, aims to enhance the global community experience offering amazing benefits for both ISIC and Non-ISIC members alike.

For Non-ISIC Members:

  • Complimentary ISIC Memberships: The first 5,000 students in the US who redeem a Chimoney Payment will receive complimentary access to ISIC memberships—a $20 value. This unlocks student discounts on flight tickets, hotel accommodation, entertainment, and more, enhancing your student experience like never before.

  • Enhanced Financial Freedom: Experience financial freedom with Chimoney's multi-currency wallet capabilities in the Chimoney App.

For Current ISIC Members:

  • Exclusive $10 Chimoney App Wallet Credit: Link your ISIC Card to the Chimoney App and unlock an exclusive $10 Wallet Credit.

  • Simplified Fund Management: Managing funds on a global scale has never been easier. With Chimoney, experience the simplicity of handling your finances seamlessly, enabling greater educational and cultural experiences without the hassle.

How to Access the Benefits

  1. Download the Chimoney App: Head to your app store and download the Chimoney app to get started.
  2. Create Your Chimoney App Account: Sign up for a Chimoney account within the app. It's quick and easy!
  3. Link Your Community: Complete the community membership linking process within the Chimoney App.
  4. Claim Your Free ISIC Membership: With the Chimoney exclusive voucher code (watch this video on how to get your voucher code), sign up for a free ISIC membership on the ISIC platform.
  5. Link Your ISIC Details: Once you have your ISIC membership, link your ISIC membership details on the Chimoney App to unlock all the partnership-focused benefits and more.
  6. Activate Your Wallet Credit: Make transactions totaling $100 or more within the Chimoney app. Once this is complete, your $10 wallet credit will be automatically unlocked and ready to use!

Get Started Today

Download the Chimoney app today and join ISIC to unlock exclusive student benefits, and endless possibilities! Stay tuned for exciting initiatives as Chimoney and ISIC work together to empower students and shape the future of international education.

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Chimoney Partners with ISIC to Expand Global Benefits for Chimoney App Users

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