May 2024 Changelog
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May 2024 Changelog

Phylis A

Here’s a summary of new features, improvements & bug fixes released during May.

New Features

  • Wallet page: Added a Wallet page for user wallet details and navigation. Screenshot from 2024-07-03 23-31-30.png
  • Individual self-onboarding: Introduced individual self-onboarding with verification and profile updates.
  • Sub-account support: Added support for sub-accounts in transaction limit checks and enabled sub-account creation with email addresses.
  • KYC auto-approval: Implemented auto-approval of KYC submissions for eligible users.
  • CSV export: Allowed for exportation of transaction data to CSV format. Screenshot from 2024-07-03 23-34-35.png


  • Enhanced validation for multicurrency transfers.
  • Added the ability to fetch and display user wallets on the Organisations Page.
  • Introduced visualizations and a tabbed interface for easier navigation between transaction lists and charts.
  • Enhanced email notifications with detailed information about fee earnings, including transaction counts and dates.
  • Added quick filter functionality to transaction details for efficient data search. Screenshot from 2024-07-03 23-42-10.png

API Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected email subject in notifications for accuracy.
  • Fixed frontend bugs related to NFC Link Codes and email template URLs.
  • Fixed display issues with recipient denominations and calculation errors.
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