3 Steps to Creating an Amazing Employee Reward Program for Remote or Hybrid Teams
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3 Steps to Creating an Amazing Employee Reward Program for Remote or Hybrid Teams

Uchi Uchibeke

Do you need to motivate your employees? Do you want to give them something extra for doing good work? Or maybe you just want to show appreciation for all the hard work they put in every day. Either way, there are many different ways to reward employees. This article will tell you how to choose the best method for your business.

Set Employee Reward Goals.

Choose rewards that fit with your company culture. If your company has a strong sense of community, then consider giving out gift cards to local businesses so that your employees can support the community as they enjoy their reward. You might also consider giving away prizes such as Amazon gift cards, Apple products, or even cash.

What if your goal is to create a reward program that is inclusive, choice-based, and flexible regardless of the receiving employee's city, preference, or country? This might be a pain but not for long because you can use Chimoney. Chimoney simplifies the bulk payout process to help companies to send value flexible perks to their employees anywhere world. Team leads and HR can send to up to thousands of employees at once using just their email!

Choose Employee Rewards Options

Make sure that your rewards options match your company culture. For example, if your company values customer service, give out gift cards to restaurants or coffee shops. If your company values creativity, give gift certificates to art galleries or music stores. And if your company is big on the environment, give employees rewards that are environmentally friendly and provide them with the option to donate a portion of their reward to causes that advance the preservation of nature and the environment.

But what are some Choices for Employee rewards? Below are a few options:

  • Local Experiences: They saying to "pay for experiences instead of things" could come in handy when picking employee rewards options for global teams. So, curate a list of Gift cards or experiences that employees will love!

  • Gift Cards: Gift cards give employees options. And a Gift card like Amazon, Netflix, or Xbox is something that could be useful for most personas. But you don't want to fall into the trap of giving your employees gift cards they might not use. That is why Chimoney provides choice-based rewards for employees globally. With Chimoney, you can give your employees a reward or perk of value that they can then spend on their preferred Gift card. Chimoney offers 500+ options that they can pick from.

  • Merch and Swag: Give them beautifully designed company merch or swag that they can be proud of. But be cautious not to overdo the branding!.

Designate a Cash out time

Choose a date when employees will receive their rewards. You should also consider giving them a few days before so that they have enough time to redeem their rewards.

In some cases, you want to schedule your rewards to be delivered at a certain date. Or maybe you want to auto-send birthday or work anniversary employee rewards. In both cases, you have some preset data about employees which you upload or add to an Employee Management System. Ideally, this should connect to a platform like Chimoney to auto-send the Birthday Gifts with personalized messages.

If you'll like to learn more and improve employee engagement with an amazing Employee Reward Program, please reach out to us or book a demo with our Client Enablement team at chimoney.io/book-a-demo

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