and Chimoney collaborate to launch innovative Cross-border Payment solution for Immigrants
Chimoney News and Chimoney collaborate to launch innovative Cross-border Payment solution for Immigrants

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The African diaspora plays a vital role in supporting families and communities back home. However, sending money across borders can often be a complex and expensive process. At Chimoney, we're committed to simplifying global payments and fostering financial inclusion. That's why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Reeple, a fellow Techstars-backed company building an affordable remittance solution from US and Canada to Africa!

Streamlining Remittance from the Diaspora

This partnership combines Chimoney's global payment infrastructure and API with Reeple's user-friendly remittance platform. This fusion empowers the African diaspora to send money home to loved ones in Africa faster, easier, and more affordably than ever before.

Benefits of the Partnership

  • Effortless Funding: For Canadian diasporans looking to remit funds to Africa, Reeple's integration with Chimoney's Interac Collection API allows for the easy transfer funds to Reeple for remittance.
  • Swifter Deliveries: The integration with Chimoney's Payout API ensures funds reach recipients in Africa quickly and reliably, minimizing waiting times.

Driving Economic Empowerment

This partnership goes beyond just simplifying remittances. It's about empowering the African diaspora and fostering economic growth on the continent. By making it easier to send money home, we're underscoring our mission of unlocking economic opportunities for everyone and enabling individuals to support their families, invest in their communities, and contribute to the economic growth of Africa.


"Our partnership with Reeple aligns with our mission to unlock economic opportunities for everyone. We can't wait to conitnue to build and grow together with Reeple." - Uchi Uchibeke, Founder & CEO, Chimoney

"We're excited to join forces with Chimoney to revolutionize remittances for Africans abroad, making it faster, easier, and more affordable." - Tomi Kolawole, CEO & Co-founder, Reeple

An Opportunity for Fintech Startups

Together with Reeple, we are building a future where sending money home is faster, easier, and more affordable for everyone!

This collaboration presents an exciting opportunity for ambitious startups focused on building fintech and payment solutions. With Chimoney's global payment infrastructure and API, fintech startups can streamline global payouts and develop global payment solutions that cater to the specific needs of their customers. We're excited about what we will build together and invite you to Book a demo with us.

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