Chimoney Partners with OSCA Nairobi to Promote Open-source Innovation in Global Payments
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Chimoney Partners with OSCA Nairobi to Promote Open-source Innovation in Global Payments

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We're excited to announce our community partnership with OSCA Nairobi a chapter of Open Source Community Africa! OSCA Nairobi is a community for open-source lovers, enthusiasts, advocates, and experts within and across Kenya, aiming to increase the rate of credible contributions by Kenyan software developers, designers, writers, and everyone involved in the tech ecosystem to open-source projects locally and globally. 

Empowering Developers, Promoting Innovation

Both Chimoney and OSCA Nairobi share a strong commitment to empowering developers and strengthening the open-source community. This collaboration focuses on:

  • Fueling Open-Source FinTech Innovation: Fostering the creation of transparent and iterative solutions within a collaborative environment.

  • Empowering Developers with Chimoney Tools: Providing developers with the tools and support they need to learn and build open-source payment solutions leveraging the Chimoney API.

Through a series of upcoming workshops, events, and culminating in an exciting open-source developer challenge, Chimoney and OSCA Nairobi will empower developers to come up with and solve real-world challenges in the global payments space.

Benefits of the Partnership

  • Exclusive access to the Chimoney App: OSCA Nairobi members will get exclusive access to the Chimoney App allowing them to send and receive payments globally via multi-currency wallets and join and be part of global communities like ISIC with member benefits.
  • Comprehensive support: Through workshops, events, office hours and API documentation guidance we will help developers build open-source solutions with the Chimoney API.
  • Rewards and Recognition: Developers who build outstanding solutions will be rewarded for their contributions and will get a chance to present and get support from Chimoney’s CEO, Uchi Uchibeke.


Our partnership directly with OSCA Nairobi aligns with our aim of promoting financial inclusion and unlocking equal economic opportunities for all. By getting access to the Chimoney App which is built for communities, OSCA members get access to:

  • Send and receive money globally.
  • Utilize multi-currency wallets for easier international transactions.
  • Benefits from global communities like ISIC, including global travel discounts.

Through our combined workshops and developer challenge with OSCA Nairobi we aim to equip developers from diverse backgrounds to solve real-world payment challenges. This inclusive approach not only fuels economic prospects for developers but also leads to solutions that directly address the needs of unbanked communities. Furthermore, the open-source environment fosters transparency, rapid iteration, and collaboration, leading to more accessible and inclusive financial solutions.

Hear from the Organizers

"We're excited to partner with OSCA Nairobi in our aim to drive innovation within the open-source fintech space. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for developers to learn, grow, and we can’t wait to witness the amazing solutions that will be created" - Chimoney Team

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Chimoney to support developers and contribute to the growth of the open-source fintech ecosystem. This partnership opens up new opportunities for our members to build their skills and be a part of a greater initiative to promote financial inclusion" - OSCA Nairobi Team

Stay Tuned!

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