April 2024 Changelog
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April 2024 Changelog

Phylis A

Here’s a summary of new features, improvements & bug fixes released during April 2024.

New Features

OTP on Payout: Added an OTP verification field during Payouts requiring users to enter an OTP before proceeding to payout.

Finance Dashboard: Introduced a new financial dashboard for comprehensive monitoring and management, offering insights into transactional data such as total volume, opening/closing balances, credit/debit amounts, and detailed transaction information like date, batch ID, sender/recipient, and balance, enabling efficient financial analysis and statement generation. image (1).png

User Achievement Badges: Introduced badges for user achievements such as completing KYC and utilizing the API.



Updated Supported Assets List: Removed "Scrim" and added "Chimoney App" and "Virtual Card" with updated details for "INTERAC™ e-Transfer 🇨🇦".

API Performance Optimization

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Updated titles and descriptions for balance cards (USD, CAD, Momo Wallets), simplified Interledger Payment Pointer description, clarified INTERAC™ e-Transfer details, and enhanced referral information.

Redeem and Funding Updates:

  • Added "cancel-transaction" redeem type.
    • Updated funding options to include "Interac".
  • Allowed payment options with Card/Bank.
  • Adjusted currency handling while paying with card, added alerts for exceeding payment limits, and updated Stripe integration.

Badge Updates: Optimized badge assignment and point calculation for badge management while also enhancing team creation and wallet updates to reward users for key actions like first payouts, bulk payouts, and funding.

PDF Transaction Statements: Users can now download transaction statements as PDFs. Introduced a new Screen component for quick PDF previews, including Download/Print functionality and pagination support.

Payout Validation: Updated the transfer limit for both airtime and mobile money transfers to $10,000, increased from $1,000.

Interac Transactions Date Range: Adjusted the date range for fetching Interac transactions from the past 2 days to the past 3 days for broader and more accurate transaction capture.

API Docs Update:

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues with Interac payments, improving transaction processing and Stripe checkout accuracy.
  • Fixed authentication and user identification errors during payouts.
  • Corrected currency mapping inconsistencies and enhanced wallet redemption handling.
  • Improved validation and error handling in API endpoints.
  • Enhanced security with data masking and safeguarding sensitive information in API requests and responses.
  • Addressed minor issues with badge updates and profile rendering bugs.
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