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🚀 Announcing Chimoney's Partnership with Gen Z Techies!

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Summary: Gen Z HackFest 2023 is not just another tech event; it's where innovation and creativity flourish. Chimoney is thrilled to be part of this celebration of innovation, and we've got loads of exciting things in store for you. Join us for live giveaways, event exclusive T-shirts, hands-on experiences with Chimoney Payouts, insightful sessions, and the chance to win big in Chimoney’s hackathon track. Gen Z, let's make this event one to remember! 🚀🌟


🚀 Announcing Chimoney's Partnership with Gen Z Techies! 🚀

Africa's tech revolution is on the rise, and Gen Z HackFest 2023 is at the forefront of this transformative journey. GenZ Techies, a dynamic community of Gen Z developers, founders, designers, and tech enthusiasts across Africa, have embarked on a mission to connect, educate, and unveil life-changing opportunities in the tech world. It is in this vein that Chimoney is proud to be a partner of Gen Z HackFest 2023, our commitment to bridging the gap between talent and opportunity in Africa to unlock economic opportunity for everyone aligns perfectly with the event's vision. We believe in the power of innovation and the potential it holds for Africa's tech community 💡💪


Follow Chimoney at the Event 🌟

At Gen Z HackFest, Chimoney is not just a sponsor; we are partners in innovation. Here's what you can expect:

🎉🎁Live Giveaways:

We'll be hosting live giveaways in-between event segments using Chimoney Payouts which would allow us to send bulk rewards to winners instantly, live on stage. Get ready to win exciting prizes and dive into the world of seamless gifting.

🏪Exclusive Merchandise at the Chimoney stand:

We're bringing cool custom Chimoney x Gen Z Techies T-shirts to the event. Visit our stand and grab your piece of this limited-edition swag.

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✨🎙️Engaging Speakers:

Look out for our speakers from Chimoney—Mide Efusanya, Adebayo Ilerioluwa, or Hammed Babatunde—who will share insights, expertise, and inspiration from their various fields, live on stage.

💼🚀Build with Chimoney API Track: Unleash Your Creativity:

As part of the event, we're hosting a "Build with Chimoney API" track at the hackathon. Encouraging participants to create innovative financial solutions and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes from Chimoney. Criteria for choosing winning solutions will include innovation, functionality, API usage, and UX.


More on the ‘Build With Chimoney’ Custom Track🌟

The "Build with Chimoney" track at the Gen Z HackFest offers participants the opportunity to create innovative financial solutions using the Chimoney API. This track focuses on seamlessly integrating various financial features such as bulk payouts, value redemption, gift cards, multi-currency support, and more to redefine financial interactions and enhance user experiences.

Here are some key information about this track:

Getting Started:

  1. To begin, participants need to sign up for their Chimoney API Key, a crucial step for accessing and utilising the Chimoney API.
  2. Read the API Documentation to get access to Sandbox.
  3. They can access the Chimoney Sandbox Portal via this link.
  4. After logging in, participants should navigate to the Developer section, where they will find detailed instructions on generating their unique API key.

API Documentation:

Participants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Chimoney API documentation, which is provided to help them understand and use the API effectively.

Use Cases and Examples:

For inspiration and guidance, participants can explore projects previously built by the Chimoney community members. These examples can serve as references for creating their innovative financial solutions, view them here.

Technical Support:

For inspiration and guidance, participants can explore projects previously built by the Chimoney community members. These examples can serve as references for creating their innovative financial solutions, view them here.

  1. In case of support issues, participants can reach out to for assistance.
  2. Additionally, those looking for community support or collaboration can join the Chimoney Discord community.

Judging Criteria:

Projects developed within the "Build with Chimoney" track will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Innovation: Judges will assess how creative and original the solution is in addressing a financial problem or need. 🌟💡
  2. Functionality: The functionality of the project will be examined to determine if it effectively addresses the identified problem or use case. 💼🛠️
  3. Use of Chimoney API: Participants will be evaluated on how well they leverage the capabilities of the Chimoney API to enhance their project's functionality and features. 💻🔄
  4. User Experience: The user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the project's interface will be considered to ensure a positive user experience. 🎮👩‍💻


Join the Tech Revolution🌟

Gen Z HackFest 2023 is more than just a conference and hackathon; it's an opportunity to change lives. With the hackathon designed for remote participation, anyone can contribute from anywhere with an internet connection. However, tech hubs across the country are also partnering with the organisers to provide essential resources like electricity and internet access. Chimoney and other partners and sponsors are not left out in this effort as we have donated to this cause as part of our partnership with this amazing event.


Swag and Teamwork👕

Attendees will receive swag from Gen Z HackFest 2023, and there will be exciting giveaways and prizes throughout the event. Whether you're a solo participant or looking to form a team of 2-4 people, this event has got you covered.🎁🙌



Gen Z HackFest 2023 is a celebration of innovation, opportunity, and community. Chimoney is thrilled to be part of this extraordinary journey, and we invite you to join us. Together, we'll shape the future of tech in Africa and make a lasting impact.

Chimoney is proud to partner with Gen Z HackFest 2023 ! Don't miss out on this chance to connect, learn, and discover life-changing opportunities. See you at Gen Z HackFest 2023!


Event Details:

Date: August 21st - 26th, 2023 Conference Date: August 26th, 2023 Conference Venue: UNILAG Multi-Purpose Hall, Lagos, Nigeria


Here are some helpful links with regards to Gen Z HackFest 2023!

  1. Gen Z HackFest 2023 Official Website
  2. Register for the Hackathon
  3. Get Conference Tickets (Use the discount code “HCK23-IN” for 50% off)
  4. Hackathon Slack Channel


🚀 Let's innovate, collaborate, and empower at Gen Z HackFest 2023! 🚀

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