Chimoney Ambassador Program: How ChiSquad 001 Paved the Way for ChiSquad 002
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An Inside Look at The Chimoney Ambassador Program: How ChiSquad 001 Paved the Way for ChiSquad 002

Poppy M.

Chimoney Ambassadorship Program is Chimoney’s exclusive community inviting global initiatives to empower individuals, tech influencers, and ChiMovers (Valuable Chimoney customers who move value around the world) to engage with the ones they care about with Chimoney smart payment infrastructure.

What exactly is ChiSquad?

You’ve probably heard of ChiSquad and would like to know about it. You come into the right place! We’ll walk you through all you need to know about ‘them’ and how you can become a ChiSquad. Sounds exciting right? Well, let’s dive right into it then!

What is ChiSquad

Chimoney ambassadors also known as ChiSquad members who closely and creatively collaborate with Chimoney team members (aka. ChiHeroes) to promote Chimoney activities and products and also create publicity/brand awareness in any form of their expertises, from a written article to a video.

The Chimoney Ambassador program [Round 1]

On the first of September 2022, we were excited to onboard the first group of Chimoney ambassadors (ChiSquad).

Chimoney ambassador ChiSquad 001

Meet the first set of our ambassadors (ChiSquad 001). Our aim with the first set of ambassadors was not only for them to execute the ambassadorship responsibility but also for us as Chimoney team to learn how to better serve a memorable experience to the ambassadors and support their ideas while they were delivering their engagement and to sustain this community program.

After three months of collaborating with ChiSquad 001, we did performance evaluations based on their engagements on social media — creating and sharing posts related to Chimoney’s brand. We must say during this 3-month period, we enjoyed interacting with our ambassadors’ content created to amplify Chimoney’s brand awareness and participation, especially their contribution to Chimoney’s first Hacktoberfest in October 2022.

ChiSquad 001 Spotlight

Khadijah Amusat Chimoney ChiSquad 001 [Khadijah Amusat: ChiSquad Round One Hero]

Meet Khadijah Amusat, a software/blockchain engineer, open source contributor, and model! She aspires to be the finest blockchain developer in the world and create one of the top initiatives that address a global problem. In her leisure time, she likes to go to the gym, play video games, swim, and write essays. She shared her excitement joining the progam here.

Khadijah bags our ChiSquad Spotlight for the program's first round due to her enthusiasm toward the Chimoney products and her willingness to get things done. Here’s the summary of our cool chat with her.

Did you have any goals when joining the ChiSquad program?

Khadijah: Yes. In addition to getting more users and developers involved in the community, my goal was to have everyone talking about and using Chimoney. [Awww. Love this!]

Has the program helped you achieve the goals and how?

Khadijah: Chimoney is a great community with great people that encourages growth. We weren't pressured to do anything we didn't have prior knowledge about as ChiHeroes really helped my creative side. — I was able to think and come up with different ideas which is one of the challenges I had and personally I liked it!

What is your greatest achievement as a ChiSquad member?

Khadijah: In the past three months, initiating the Chimoney’s first Hacktoberfest program and personally educating other members of my communities about how to contribute to Chimoney have been some of my greatest accomplishments. It was rewarding to see other developers from other communities join Chimoney as a result of my posts or evangelism. 😇

What principle (motto) do you live by?

Khadijah: Always show up and build in public no matter how you feel, you don't know who’s watching.

Tell our readers one fun fact about you

Khadijah: I am a fashion/runway model in addition to being a great cook and occasional baker.

What advice would you give those interested in joining the ChiCommunity?

Khadijah: What’s worth the effort is worth doing well; three months is enough to create an impact in a community, and you should join Chimoney because you want to achieve something amazing for yourself, Chimoney, and the entire tech ecosystem.


What next??

We’re so proud and consider ChiSquad 001 as a team success. Our community is growing, and more people know about what we believe in and what we do. We’re excited to announce the applications for the second round of the Chimoney Ambassadorship Program (ChiSquad 002). We’re calling for individuals, tech enthusiasts, students, developers, and ChiMovers around the world to join our force led by Chimoney’s mission: Unlock the economic opportunity for everyone. Just start small, from loving what we build, you can contribute as a Chimoney ambassadors in several ways. The best thing? You would be telling a story uniquely — they way you want. Chimoney is here to support you and your dream path.

We're now accepting the application for Chimoney ambassdors to join the batch 2 (ChiSquad 002) here, now to Dec 12, 2022. We highly recommend you to follow our Twitter (@chimoney_io) as it’s our “The Happening Community” to stay tuned for this opportunity. Our community is also open to all interested persons. Be part of the Chimoney community today.

Hoping to have you join us!

Written by: The Community/DevRel Team

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