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5 Types of People Who Should Use Chimoney's Bulk Gift Cards Feature

Poppy M.

Do you host events where you need to send virtual gifts or have friends and family overseas that you would like to surprise with swag? ‍  

Chimoney's bulk gift cards feature lets you send gift cards to up to a 1000 recipients in just a single click! All you need is their email. Learn more about the 5 types of people who should use Chimoney's bulk gift cards feature and start gifting today!



Let's begin with friends. Chimoney lets you send gift cards to friends anywhere and anytime! You don’t have to think and plan for a custom gift for each of your friends. All you need to do is send your friends Chimoney that can be redeemed for over 300 gift card options including Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks etc. as well as crypto value, cryptocurrencies, airtime, or phone bills payment. This way we can ensure your friends receive a gift card they love, and save you the hassle of picking a gift tailored to the liking of each member of your circle.


Event organizers

More event organizers are relying on Chimoney’s bulk gifting benefit as it allows them to send gifts to a large group of people in one step. All they need is the email of recipients of the gift cards. One of our partners, AfricaHacks was able to run a successful hackathon last year by using Chimoney. They were able to give airtime and virtual rewards to attendees and winners with a few simple clicks using the Chimoney platform. Remember that you can send Chimoney to up to a 1000 recipients with one click! Chimoney is a unique solution for event organizers all over the world to engage more with the attendees by ensuring the recipients get a gift they will love, no matter where they are.


Business owners

Instead of giving your own products as a gift, business owners can try to engage with customers around the world by gifting them the flexibility to pick an online gift card of their choice! This could be a great alternative for engaging with international tourists that would not have a chance to revisit your restaurant or even creating brand awareness to welcome leads in the near future. To send bulk gift cards, you just need a dedicated email list and you will be all set to send gifts in this manner.


If you are a professional in the media industry, you can send bulk gift cards to corporate, small and medium-sized enterprises, and business partners anywhere in the world without having to worry about shipping charges or delayed delivery!



Have you signed up your students or cohort for a new coaching session, hackathon and other similar programs? Let’s boost engagement by sending an online gift like Chimoney that offers universal value! You could send them a unique gift card to motivate participation and excitement about class activities or other achievements. With Chimoney, you can be sure the gift card reaches the recipient’s inbox instantly, regardless of where they live. Sending bulk gift cards could never have been easier. The only thing you need is the recipient’s email to send Chimoney.


‍## Employers As an employer or a People Operations/ HR teammate, if you want to send bulk gift cards to all your employees in one click, Chimoney is your solution! Thinking about sending a gift card to your entire team and knowing that everyone will love the gift – no matter who they are, their interests, and where they live can be an ordeal! This Chimoney feature is one of a kind for sending bulk gift cards. Use Chimoney to stay connected with your employees as you celebrate key company milestones, holidays, or seasonal gifting. This is how we keep our internal Chimoney team happy - our squad has unique preferences: Sephora shoppers, Netflix watchers, crypto traders, etc. Chimoney makes sure ‘One Gift Fits All’!



Whichever type of gift card you want to send or receive, you can add value and reach a large group of people in a short amount of time with Chimoney. Sending bulk gift cards to up to a group of 1000 people in a single click while ensuring the recipients love what they get is what Chimoney is for. We ensure that no matter you are looking to send gifts to your personal circle, or as an event organizer, business owner or employer, sending Chimoney will help you engage more in less time.

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